Our Inspiration

Just a few months before opening Carr Law, LLC, Valerie, and her husband, Matt, visited Egypt. Hanging in the Newark, Delaware office is a papyrus painting purchased during that trip. The painting is the “Tree of Life”. The birds represent the various stages of life: infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood, and maturity. Each bird gets progressively larger with each phase. In ancient Egypt, the direction east was considered the direction of life, because the sun rose in the east. West was considered the direction of death, because the sun set in the west.

On the Tree of Life, note that the birds representing the first four phases of life all face to the east, but the bird representing old age faces to the west, anticipating the approach of death. The concept of marriage, parenthood and protecting the family is represented by the bird that has its wings fully expanded.

As Carr Law, LLC handles both real estate and estate planning, both of which involve planning for the financial implications of starting and raising a family and planning for asset transfer upon death, it was clear that the Tree of Life was a perfect representation for the type of practice Carr Law, LLC was going to be.

Logo Inspiration